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Many of today’s home security window films offer UV protection as well. Sliding windows can be fitted with sash locks. They allow the window to remain completely closed or to horizontally slide open only an inch or two for room ventilation. Double hung windows can be secured with butterfly, hook, or claw latch locks. These latch locks secure the two vertical sliding window sashes in place and prevent them from being opened from the outside. Casement windows can be secured with casement fastener locks. It’s important that you confirm this timeframe with your alarm company because if an alarm event occurs during the test period authorities will not be dispatched.

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The article also makes a great point that these devices are not just for use when you and your family are away, but can also be used to deter would be burglars if you are upstairs or home alone.


The brinks home security wall safes panel automatically signals the DFT Security smarter about serving the brinks home security safes model 5054 definition color 720P.


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