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Lock detached garages and storage shedsEven if you don't keep anything particularly valuable in your garden shed, realize that thieves can walk in and grab tools such as hoes, axes, and shovels which can be used in breaking windows to allow entry into your house. Also, unsecured ladders should be locked up somewhere inside, as they can allow burglars access to second story windows, which many homeowners forget to close and lock. 3. Keep windows and doors lockedSpeaking of windows, it's a good idea to keep them closed and locked when you're not at home and if you live in a high crime neighborhood, you may want to keep them locked when you're there as well. Also keep doors locked, even when you are home. In addition to regular knob locks, consider adding deadbolts for extra security against having a door kicked down. Once they have an understanding of what you want they will attempt to do a virtual walkthrough of your house with you this is where your self assessment and research comes in handy.

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This will greatly reduce the cost of a wired security system installation.


When your system is professionally monitored, the monitoring company is in charge of contacting you and the authorities if your system goes off.


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